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Rarely without sunshine, often a top choice for vacationers, and always culturally appealing, major Moroccan landmarks surround Agadir. The city, with centuries of history but technically only half a century old, is a modern haven with exclusive access to picturesque landscapes and glimpses of Moroccan culture. And that’s what’s amazing about the age juxtaposition of Agadir; with a lasting past, the city is surprisingly modern. The medina sports a modern twist that attracts visitors seeking the familiar on exotic lands.

First established as a fish trading port in the 1500’s, the Berber roots of Agadir are commercial. European influences over the centuries have only strengthened Agadir’s reputation as a major port and primary agricultural source for Morocco’s Souss region. In 1960, fifteen thousand people perished, the city reduced to rubble in an earthquake. Yet the fatal natural disaster failed to strip Agadir of its natural identity. With plans to renew the medina’s individuality, rebuilding efforts enhanced its natural surroundings and preserved the few historic sites left.

Today, the medina sports a modern twist and attracts tourists looking for something familiar on exotic lands. Few natural formations and built structures have weathered the disaster, which calls for extra appreciation. A memorial park is situated where Agadir’s old town center was, with the message “Allah, The King, Homeland”. The ports, too massive to navigate by foot, are still in operation and remain a crucial fixture for the Souss region’s economy. Agadir’s year-round summer climate accompanies a six-mile beach, which faces the rough undercurrent of the Atlantic. The raw earthy feeling on the sands is soothing and authentic. The Kasbah, built during the 16th century on a hill, offers a view overlooking the bay and exhibits resilience in its original protective purpose. For more hints of Moroccan culture, the Bert Flint Museum is only part of the larger collection of artifacts hosted in nearby Marrakech. Even outdoors, the sooks emphasize bright hues without the chaos of a larger marketplace. La Vallee des Oiseaux, the valley of the birds, hosts a zoo specializing in birds, where you can enjoy local wildlife.

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For a more luxurious experience, you do not have to look far; in place of old Agadir are wide, open boulevards for strolling, and palm trees to elicit a tropical feel. The international airport Al Massira International Airport is only miles away from the city’s center, and resorts are modernized establishments similar to western hotels . Nightlife thrives here, and is the time to explore the casinos and clubs nearby. Unlike some Moroccan cities, vehicular transportation is available via bus or taxi, which make it quite easy to trek outside of the borders for a view of the natural land formations right outside the metropolitan area.

A fusion of the Atlas Mountains and the Atlantic, and right by the Souss river, Agadir is now also itself, a fusion of the traditional and modern. The adventurous may feel the need to depart from the luxurious vibe and explore for neighboring sights. With waves comparable to the rough tides of surfer hotspots, Tarahazoute is just north of Agadir and is also a fishing village during surfing off-season. Taraudant is known for its well preserved and massive mud walls, known as the five gates, and for local crafts. Often an introduction to Moroccan traditions, the medina can be a stopping point for a trip as far reaching as the Sahara.

Tafrarout hosts unique artistic projects that showcase Morocco’s vivid patterns and colors. The Painted Rocks, completed by artist Jean Verame, adorn a plain of boulders, among the natural architecture of the Anti-Atlas Mountains. Clearly, with all these options and more, Agadir is located at the starting point for Moroccan exploration, with options both cultural and familiar.

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