Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima City Travel Guide 

Introduction and history:

Al Hoceima, known for its sandy beaches and Mediterranean charm, is located in the mountain region of northern Morocco. Al Hoceima is a relatively small city with a population of around 100 000, and it must be included in your Rif tour. The Spanish settled in Al Hoceima in the 1920s, when Spanish General Sanjurjo renamed the territory after himself “Villa Sanjurjo”. It stayed under Spanish control until Morocco gained independence in 1956 when its name was returned to the original, Al Hoceima. 

Morocco Sun Set

Places to visit:

This picturesque little town is well worth a visit, and has quite a modern feel while still maintaining the much of the Spanish influence.  Enjoy the laid back vibe of the town by taking a walk through Place Massira El Khadraa, which is the main town square, or visiting the Souks (markets) to pick up local crafts and souvenirs.  Additionally we recommend visiting the Spanish college where you can still see evidence of the Spanish influence through the colonial design and architecture.  

The city also offers some of the best beaches in Morocco and indeed, it could be argued, some of the best in the Mediterranean. 

Al Hoceima Beach

Quemado Plage is the main city beach and is very easy to reach, however can get very crowded especially during summer high season (June – August), when many Moroccan’s and Spanish flock to the area.  If you are looking for a quieter option you may want to consider Asfiha Beach or Plage Tala Youssef which offer beautiful white sandy beaches, but are much less crowed than Quemado. 

Hoceima Port

Hiking and trekking should also be incorporated into your tour of the Rif region. The Rif mountains offer a stunning and natural view of the area, particularly from Jbel Tidiquin which is the highest peak (about 1.52 miles, 2448 Meters). ‘Jbel’ means ‘mountain’ in Moroccan Arabic, so the peak is often also referred to as Tidiquin Mountain.  The small town of Chefchaouen sits at the base of the mountain, so you may want to consider beginning your hiking trip from here.  There are many venders in the town who can assist and/or facilitate a hiking excursion or you can arrange guided hiking tours through your hotel. 

Another way to experience the amazing nature and beautiful scenic views in Morocco is to visit one of the many national parks which are close to Al Hoceima.  The national nature park of Talassemtane (approx 150,000 acres) is largely forest area filled with cider, pine and fir trees, while the natural park of Bouhachem (approx. 260,000 acres) offers some of the most amazing scenic views of the region.  You can explore both parks on foot or participate in a guided donkey ride tour. 

Where to stay:

Quemado, Mohamed V, Place la Marche Verte, Al Hoceima, 32 000, Morocco

Phone: 212 39 98 22 33

Hotel Amir Plage, Plage du Matadero, Al Hoceima, 32 000, Morocco

Phone: 212 39 98 32 90


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