Berber Jewelry

Berber Jewelry

Berber jewelry plays a big role within the family customs and traditions, It is usually the man, (husband father, or brother), who buys the jewelry for his wife, sister, or mother. The Jewelry serves as a social emblem identifying prestige and class. Berber Jewelry forms and designs can identity Berber tribes, and regions of Morocco where the jewelry was made. In addition, the forms and designs have spiritual meaning as well, some pieces are believed to offer protective qualities which ensure fertility, protect from evil eye, bring prosperity, and cure diseases. 

Berber Bracelets

A display of Berber Jewelry 

authentic berber jewelry

Moroccan Earrings

Pair of  Berber woman's earrings

Morocco Region: Ida ou  gnedif Berber people, southern Morocco
Made of: silver, enamel, glass, niello

Year: 1900-1920 

Berber woman earrings


Beber Necklace

Moroccan Region: Ida ou Sental Berber people, southern Morocco

Made of : silver, enamel, coral, amber, glass stone, shell, fiber

Year: 1900-1950

Berber necklace


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