Berber Language Introduction

Berber language also known as Tamazight has different varieties of languages spoken in Morocco and some parts of Northern Africa. The varieties of Berber languages include Tarifit spoken in northen Morocco region of Rif, Tashelhiyt spoken in  the south, and some part of south west which includes High Atlas, Anti Atlas, and it also spoken in regions outside of High Atlas. Tamazight is also spoken in central Morocco.

Taqbaylit spoken in neighboring Algeria, and the Tuareg spoken in Algeria, Mali, Niger and Chad. The Berber languages have had a written tradition for over 2,000 years, they are written in the Tifinagh alphabet; the oldest dated inscription is from about 200 BC. 

Our current Berber language Guide is using Tashelhiyt Language. In the future we may cover other Berber Languages. 

Berber Language Dictionay

Berber Language Guide

Berber Language Tashelhiyt Key Phrases 

Hello:  Manzakine / Salam

Hotel:  Lotel

House: Tighemi

How are you? Manzakine Za

How much? Menshke aysoua

How old are you? Menshke adark ilane

I am American: Neck ghih Mericani

I am sick:   Hati Merideh

I am tired: Hati Rmihe

Is the location far? Lmakhane Yagoughen

Lunch: Emkelie

Market : Souk

Money:   Flooss

My Name is Sam: Neck Ghih Sam

Please:   Arebi

Tea:   Atay

Thank you: Ake Issrebeh Moulana

Tomorrow:   Sebahe

Today: Rass

Water:   Aman

Where is? Mahella

What is your name? Matghette si sem

What time is it? Menshke El kemen

Where is the police station? Mahella bureau n’ police

Where is the train station?   Mahella Tran  

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