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Moroccan Tourism insights: Top Visitors by Country and Tourism Receipts

Sep 6

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9/6/2010 11:24 AM  RssIcon

Moroccan tourism insights

The number of tourists arriving in Morocco in July rose 10 percent from a year earlier and 4 percent compared to June, according to the Moroccan Tourism Ministry, 1.071 million foreigners arrived in July of 2010. Total numbers of visitors from beginning of 2010 to July, 2010 reached  5.6 million visitors. The British tourists topped the chart  followed by Italian and Spanish tourists.

Morocco Tourism Charts and Graphs

Morocco Visitors in 2009 by Country

 Morocco Tourism Statistics 2009

Morocco visitors by country 2002-2010. French visitors topping chartMorocco : total visitors by country trends

Morocco TOP 3 visitors by country 2002-2010.

Top arrivals are from France, Spain and Germany

Morocco Tourism top 3 Countries

Morocco Visitors by Country 2009

47% are Moroccan Foreign resident, French visitors followed with 22%.

Morocco Visitors by Country 2009

Morocco total Arrivals from 2002 - 2010

Morocco total Arrivals from 2002 - 2010

Morocco Tourism Receipts (US $ Million)

Morocco Tourism Receipts (US $ Million)

Data Source: Moroccan tourism administration. 

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Re: Moroccan Tourism insights: Top Visitors by Country and Tourism Receipts

thank you heymorocco for sharing such data and making that awesome statistic boards,it really interesting info.
we hope the best for morocco and that more visitor will pack their bags and come visit us in Morocco.
best regards

By aissa on   9/6/2010 12:37 PM

Re: Moroccan Tourism insights: Top Visitors by Country and Tourism Receipts

I love this insight look as well. We have been to Morocco on our tour in April and have to say that it surprise us how many tourist where there. In Marrakech we saw people from Asia as well as Europe and United States. In our hotel in Dades Gorge we met people from Mexico. It is amazing to see these different nationalities coming to Morocco. Hey I don't blame them we had fantastic time and want to come back. We will be booking our tour with Your Morocco Tour ( that has done a excellent job with their trip to the Sahara Desert.

By love2travel on   10/4/2010 9:24 AM

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Does anyone have any more updated pictures of the hotel, we will be visiting in August and are eager to check out the hotel's progress. Thanks
Re: Morocco tourism numbers 2011
yes that's right i live in Tafraout and i see a lot tourists every hours and that's good and usefull for morocco as i think thank you
Re: Morocco Mall Casablanca
wowww, b3aw dima zaidin l3oddam!!!
Re: Azalay Festival Ouarzazate
Hi, thanks for this correction.
Re: Road to Toubkal Photoset
I've been here, beautiful place to visit
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I feel so amazed and felt like I'm in the past thousands of years before. Great stuffs!
Re: Morocco Travelogue by An American 1905
Wow, fascinating! It's always really interesting to read historical travel advice and see how much has changed in the interim.
Re: Berber Symbols and Objects
Thanks for sharing these Moroccan items, very insightfull!
Nice art work! Can you share some more pics of your art?
Re: Couscous: A Moroccan Tradition
Scott, Your blog bought back some nostalgic memories for me. When I go traveling, its all about the food and the memories that are triggered when I try and re-create a dish i stumbled upon on my travels(without much success).

It was just the other night that I was paging through my album, the photos depicting the utter chaos of the market streets and the beautiful colors on display. It was a visual spectacle. The food was a gastronomic spectacle. My personal favorite dish while visiting Morocco was the lamb tagine with dates. The tenderness of the lamb coupled with the sweetness of the dates was a mere delight and surprise to my palate. Thank you for helping me relive my Morocco experience. Morocco is a must-see travel destination and for more information visit for some great travel tips and facts about Morocco.
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