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Azalay Festival Ouarzazate

Jan 13

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1/13/2011 9:30 PM  RssIcon

Ouarzazate has a new festival born in 2011 Azalay Festival. After its annual meeting of Ahouach or Ahwash where a group of men and women dance to music playing on the rhythms of drums and singing in Berber language. The city of Ouarzazate is receiving its second musical and cultural event. This time, the festival celebrates Moroccan culture and African music. Titled Azalay, this festival is scheduled from October 20-22 this year. The festival is Organized by the province of Ouarzazate in partnership with the Foundation of Greater Ouarzazate for sustainable development, urban district of Ouarzazate, the provincial council of tourism and film commission of Ouarzazate. This event will enrich the cultural landscape of the region. 

The program has been unveiled and it has a varied menu that will be presented to city residents and its visitors. Through performances and concerts, the public will discover a host of African artists who are the source of many musical styles that have conquered the world, like the blues, jazz, rock, reggae, bossa nova, salsa, hip hop and rap, all of which are derived from African beats, and performers are coming from all over the world including USA.

By revealing the considerable African music in the world, the festival Azalay will create a new space for dialogue between musicians and intellectuals from various backgrounds including international and Moroccan music professionals. At the regional level, the festival will create a dynamic in the social sectors, economic and cultural rights of the entire Ouarzazate region.  The festival will host a symposium under the academic theme of "Morocco-Saharan Africa: what story and what a culture in common?", And an exhibition id scheduled for local products and crafts including Moroccan arts  from the region of Ouarzazate and other parts of Africa. 

Ahwash music: 

Ahouach or Ahwash music and dance is known as the dance of the village among Berber people, ahwach is big part of Amazigh culture in Atlas and the Souss region  of Morocco. This Berber ancient art incorporates  the dance, poetry, songs with shifting rhythms, with rates that vary during the delivery and varying versions from one tribe to another.Sometimes mixed, sometimes reserved for men, women participation depends on region or Berber tribe.

ahwash  dance berber man

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Re: Azalay Festival Ouarzazate

Please take note that this festival has changed its date. It didn't take place in April but will take place from 20-22 October 2011. Please see their official website www.festivalazalay.com/.

By Rosa Frei on   5/4/2011 2:27 AM

Re: Azalay Festival Ouarzazate

Hi, thanks for this correction.

By host on   8/23/2011 9:23 AM

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