Moroccan Henna

Moroccan people and henna 

Moroccan Henna is a popular tradition in Morocco worn by women of all ages. During special occasions such as Moroccan weddings, holidays and circumcisions, women get henna on their hands and feet. It’s a temporary design applied to your skin in a brownish paste made from powder. Many women also apply henna to their entire body and/or hair in the hammam once a week. It has a distinguished smell and needs to be left on the skin to dry for several hours to achieve darker, longer lasting results. Some times, black henna is used, but it can be dangerous so stick to the regular henna for safety.

Henna Tattoo Morocco

Where can I get a henna tattoo in Morocco?

In Rabat, you can find a woman ready and willing to create elaborate designs for you near the Mausoleum as well as at the Garden of the Old Fortress near Oudaya. She is usually waiting for willing participants and will ask you if you’re interested in henna. She’ll create the flowers and vines with a syringe and work very quickly. But, negotiate the price with her before she begins. Once she starts it’s hard to negotiate, and you don’t want to walk away with half a design. The truth is if you wipe it off right away, it probably won’t leave a mark. It will help you avoid an uncomfortable situation though! Don’t undercut her, but don’t take the initial price she says either. Meeting her in the middle of what she is asking is probably fair. Remember, she is quite sure you are a tourist if you aren’t speaking Arabic or have blond hair and blue eyes, so she will automatically give you a higher price to start.

Once the artist is done, allow the henna to dry for several hours, as long as you can stand it. If possible, don’t shower or wash the parts of your body that have the henna either. Then, it should last a week or more.

Henna Artist

In Marrakesh, plenty of women will call out to you with books full of their designs in Jemma El Fna square.

In Agadir, henna artists can be found along Agadir Beach. All the same rules apply! Talented henna artists can not be missed in most Moroccan cities and towns.  

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