Morocco Ecotourism

Ecotourism in Morocco 

Ecotourism in Morocco is a form of tourism that involves visiting natural areas the likes of Zagora dunes and Morocco desert, Hiking High Atlas Mountains, Trekking in the Rif region. A visit to argan biosphere reserve in Essaouira is another ecotourism option, and Toubkal National Park home to the highest peak in North Africa (Jbel Toubkal 4165 m).

Authentic berber villages in the High Atlas like Imlil or Amlen valley offer stunning view of natural beauty of Morocco and its people. 

Minimizes impact: travel as part of a group in small cars to minimize environmental impact instead of riding on big SUV in the Sahara desert. 

Provides direct financial benefits for conservation by buying local products or buy from cooperative owned by minorities or women. 

Stay and book in eco friendly guest houses or traditional local home, and private owned riads.

Respects local Moroccan culture: Dressing appropritely in some rural areas of the ountry where people might be offended, and avoid making fun of local customs by being open minded.

Supports human rights and democratic movements: Consider Volunteering in Morocco at local organization for a few days and incorporate that with your trip.

Enjoy sports with no big impacts on environment like surfing, golfing, horse riding, swimming, or running in desert marathon.

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