Eid Al Adha Morocco

Eid Al Adha, Morocco

Eid Al Adha, the sacrifice feast always retains an important place in Moroccan homes. But lately, we notice that some have decided to skip the Feast of Sacrifice altogether. Eid Al Adha also know was "Eil El Kebir" , big holiday, is an important religious holiday in Morocco.

Times have indeed changed in Morocco, even the celebration no longer seem to have the same taste. The changing lifestyle has led to new habits. While some people got into debt to the hilt to buy a sheep on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, others decide, simply, to skip the sacrifice part of the holiday. "For ten years I worked in that residence. During my first years here, and the approach of the feast, I always expect to see the most beautiful animals paraded before me, but I was wrong. There was never a shadow of a sheep that crossed this door, "says Mohammed, a concierge in a beautiful residence of ten apartments. "Some people go traveling; others spent the day at home and go out at night. In any case, what I said because I spend the day with family. We enjoy eating the boulfaf and evening couscous, the irony is that I, who cannot afford to buy the sheep, I work hard and I go into debt, while they, with all their means, don’t bother”.  Indeed, not celebrating Eid Al-Adha is a trend that is beginning to settle in recent years. Everyone has their own reasons. Souad, matron at a college in the metropolis, has agreed with her husband for four years to no longer celebrate Eid Al-Adha. And for good reason: it's very cumbersome for an apartment. "Our children are grown now. Therefore we decided not to buy sheep. Already, it makes a mess out of the apartment. In addition, it is not practical in an apartment. Not to mention the bad smell that takes several weeks to disappear. We buy a few days before the party, cut a lamb (ribs, legs, shoulders, liver, tripe ...). We put it in the freezer and we eat like everyone else. I have several friends who are doing the same thing. Of course, it's much better, "she says.
For the same reason, Rachid and Sarah, married five years ago and parents of little Fatine have never celebrated Eid Al-Adha. "Every year we spend the sacrifice ceremony with my parents. In the afternoon, we visit my in-laws and in the evening, we go home. We celebrate Eid, but somehow without buying sheep and our house stays clean too, "says Rachid.
Young couples spend the day with parents, or they do without it altogether. "I'm vegetarian and I do not even bear the smell of cooking mutton. I prefer ''zapping'' the day. My husband sees no disadvantages. Even better, we save money for other things, " says Iman.
Besides the cleanliness of the home, some do not celebrate Eid for health reasons. Indeed, the mutton is not recommended. "I advise my patients with coronary heart disease, and those with high cholesterol in the blood to avoid eating meat from sheep. It contains lots of fat, so a lot of cholesterol, "says Dr. Abdellatif Lakhssassi, a specialist in diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
"The excess of the latter is deposited on the walls of the arteries of the heart, forming fatty plaques that thicken. The passage of the blood becomes increasingly difficult, which can cause a myocardial infarction. The meat of sheep is also not recommended for diabetics, “he adds. Fouad has coronary, and his wife has a high cholesterol in the blood and their children "hate" the mutton. He says he has all the necessary reasons which prompted him to dispense with the Eid. "If I buy the sheep, no one at home will eat meat. It will be pure waste. And I will still buy a calf instead of a sheep. I have not the means. That's why I give a "sadaka" (alms) instead of sacrifice. To experience the joy of Eid, my wife prepares for us a good feast in the limit of what we eat and of course it is going very well, "says Abdallah. Rabiaa and Mustapha, a diabetic elderly couple whose children are all married stopped celebrating Eid Al-Adha for years. Also for health reasons and because of their age.
Another category of people think that Eid Al-Adha is an old fashioned habit. They do not celebrate this occasion and they are proud. "Every year I take a holiday of Eid to travel with my wife and I relax a little. It's much better than a sheep. This will not be a holiday but a chore, "says Ahmed. In fact, travel agencies are seeing a real upsurge in demand for travel in this period. "No need to advertise, we note in this period a strong increase in demand for travel within the country but also in Turkey, Egypt, Singapore, and Belgium " says Hana, of a travel agency in Casablanca.
Moroccan men shopping for their Eid Al Adha "Sheep"
Moroccan man shopping for eid al kbir
Moroccan man shopping for eid al kbir
eid el kbir sheep


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