How to make Kalia?

Moroccan Cusine: Kalia Dish

Kalia is a well known dish from the southern part of Morocco ( Ouarzazate, Zagora and desert region). Kalia is basically sheep or lamb meat cut in small pieces and cooked with vegetables (red peppers, unions, and garlic), parsley, olive oil, flavored with a mix of spices (Rass el Hanut) and occasionally served with egg. Kalia dish is served inside a tajine, but is actually cooked in a whole different way than tajines.
Kalia can be prepared with fresh meat or aged meat ( Lamb and fats are combined together and spread in a big platter, the platter get covered by salt, and left in sun for days before collecting it once it is completely dry, and storing it somewhere safe.  Once the locals are ready to cook Kalia, the aged lamb and fats get covered overnight with water to clear up some of strong salty flavors, and make meat a bit tender.)
Kalia Morocco

Kalia dish Video

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