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Mirleft Morocco

Introduction and History 

Mirleft is a small, Berber town located where the Atlantic Ocean meets the mountains. Positioned by the seaside, the town is known for its beautiful, tranquil beaches; which have become the best kept secret in Morocco if one is looking for a peaceful, un-commercialized getaway. The town itself stands on a small hill which still has remains of an old, military fort built by the Spanish in 1935.The closest towns are Tiznit and Sidi Ifni, which are about 25m (40kn) away. It is 80m (130km) from Agadir in the southern part of Morocco. The town can be reached by taxis, bus, or private transportation from Tiznit and the approximate travel time is thirty minutes.  
The Beaches of Mirleft 
Mirleft is well known for its beaches: Gzira, Sidi El Ouafi, Tamahroucht, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah, Imin Turga, and the beach bordering Sidi Ifni. Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah is the best known while Imin Turga is the most popular. Mirleft is a quiet town with amazing, sandy beaches and high waves. It is known as a surfer’s paradise since five out of Mirleft seven beaches are fantastic for surfing. This area is also culturally diverse since many foreigners (Germans, Belgians, Swiss, and French) fell in love with this town and decided to make it their home. They invested in it by opening hotels, restaurants, and guest houses. 
What to do around Mirleft 
  • Climb up to the old, Spanish military fort which overlooks the village. The top of this hill offers a spectacular view over the town and sea.
  • Simply enjoy being surrounded by the beauty of nature.
  • Try a hand at Berber and Moroccan cooking by taking some lessons.
  • The beaches are ideal for swimming since they are far from a busy location like Agadir. Try beach and water sports like surfing, windsurfing, running, paragliding, fishing, trekking, or just walking.
  • Organize a day trip to Tiznit to explore the town. There are shops for hand-crafted, Moroccan items that are far cheaper than Marrakesh and Agadir. Tiznit is also well known for its high-end, hand crafted silver items.
  • Have a day trip to the town of Sidi Ifini with its famous Sidi Ifni beach. The beach there is considered the best surfing destination due to its high swells. It is also great for long walks or runs.
Getting to Mirleft from Agadir Airport
It is possible to rent a car and head towards Tiznit. If driving, it is a better idea to follow the seaside road since it is well-maintained and the desert areas and Argan trees may be seen. However, for those on a limited budget, a cab/taxi may be taken from the airport to Batouat or Inezgane. From there, a shared or private taxi may be taken to Tiznit and the final leg of the journey would be to take a taxi to the town of Mirleft. Buses may be found in Inezgane which follow the route as described by the taxi exchanges. With a private taxi, a trip from Inezgane directly to Mirleft can be negotiated without stopping in Tiznit.  
Mirleft Accommodation
Mirleft offers some wonderful lodgings for those who wish to enjoy their time, relax, and recharge themselves.
Les Trois Chameaux: This maison d’hôte is situated in an old, military fort. The fort was built in 1935 on the hill of Mirleft.
Les Trois Chameaux  Tel : 212 (0) 5 28 71 91 87 
L’hotel du Sud: Souk de Mirleft, Morocco
Tel : 212 0 528 719 407
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