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Morocco Arabic Darija

Welcome to Moroccan Arabic guide, Moroccan Arabic is known as Darijaالدارجة, (ad-)dārijaderija or darja. 


 Pronunuciation: Moroccan Arabic words have been translated to latin words so they could be read as English words. To help with the proper pronunciation, and to include certain letters not found in latin words, we follow the basic rules below.


a is used as in cat

aa is used as in sad

ay is used as in stay

e is used as in check

ee is used as in see

i is used as in fit

o is used as in omlet


h is pronounced except when it is combinted woth gh, kh or sh


I a-na
You n-ta (m) or ne-ti (f)
He ho-wa (m) or he-ya (f)
We h-na
You ntu-ma
They hou-ma 


Who sh-kun
What ash-nou
When emta
Why aa-lash
How ki-fash
Whose dyal-men
Which ash-men
How much sh-hal

Moroccan Arabic Basics

Meet and Greet

Hello Ssalam

Good morning Sa-bah Al Kh-ir

Good evening Ma-saa Al Kh-ir

Thank you Shouk-ran

Yes Na-am

No L-a

Goodbye Bes-lama

Numbers in Moroccan Arabic 

zero or sifr


2  jou-j

3  t-laata

4  re-baa

5  kh-emsa


7 se-baa

8  temi-nya

9  te-ss-eud

10  aa-shra

11 hed-ash

12 ten-ash

13 telt-ash

14 rbaa-t-ash

15 khem-st-ash

16 sett-ash

17 sbaat-ash

18 tment-ash

19 ts-aat-ash

20 aa-shrin

100 mee-ya

101 mee-ya ou wah-ed

102 mee-ya ou jou-j

200 mee-ta-yen

300 t-lata-mya

400 re-baa-mya

500 kh-emsa-mya

1000 al-ef

2000 al-ef-ayen

Days in Moroccan Arabic

Sunday La-had

Monday Tneen

Tuesday Tala-tta

Wednesday Laa-rba

Thursday khe-mees

Friday Jumeaa

Saturday Sse-bt

Family and Friends

Brother Khou-ya

Daughter Ben-tii

Father Ba-ba or Walid

Family Aa-ila

Friend Sah-bi (m) / Sah-beti (f)

Husband Ra-jeli

Mother   Ma-ma or Walida

Sister Kh-outi

Son Wel-di

Wife Mer-ati

Cousin Kha-li (m) / Kha-leti (f)

Colors in Moroccan Arabic

Black K-hell

Blue Ze-rk

Brown Q-hwi

Grey  Rema-di

Green Khe-dr

Orange Lem-oni

Red H-mer

Silver Fi-ddi

White By-ed

Yellow S-fer  


Hello Salam

How are you  Keef dayer?

I am good   koulshi labas

What’s your name?  Ashno smytek? 

My name is Syndey Smyti Syndey

How old are you?  Shehaal fe Omrek? 

I am 24 years old Eendi 24 Eame

Where are you from?  Mnine neta?  Or Mnine neti

I am from Miami,  Ana men  medina Miami

What do you do in Maimi? Ash Kader fe Maimi? Or Ash Kaderi fe Maimi

I am a journalist, Ana khddam sahafi or Ana Khaddama sahafia 

How long are you staying here? Shehaal neta henaya?

12 days  Tenash leyoum

Did you see the city? Shefti le medina?

Yes, most of it    Ah, sheft bezaff 

Did you like it? Aar gebatek ?

Yes       yah

I like    gebateni meziane

I have to go Ana ghadi nemeshi

Bye Beslama   

Darija basic phrases

Hello: Labass / Salam   

Hotel: Hotel   

House: Dar   

How are you? Kayfa Halouk   

How much? Beshehale   

How old are you? Shehale Fe Omerek   

I am American: Ana Mericani   

I am sick: Ana Meridd   

I am tired: Yeane   

Is the location far? Wash lblassa beaida   

Lunch: Leghda   

Market: Souk      

Money: Flooss   

My Name is Sam: Esemi Sam   

Please: Min Fadlek   

Tea: Atay   

Thank you: Shoukran   

Tomorrow: Gheda   

Water: Lmaa   

What is your name? Ashnou Esemouk   

What time is it? Shehale Fe Saea   

Where is the police station? Fen station dial police   

Where is the train station? Fen a Howa Tran  


Moroccan love phrases

I want you:  Kan beghik
I love you:  Kan hubek
Too much: Bezaf
I love you too much: Kan hubek bezaf
Love: Hub
My Love (him): Habibi
My Love (her): Habibati
I am thinking about you: Kan fekek fik
I want to see you: beghitt neshoufek
Kiss: Boussa
Flower: Warda
My life: Hayati

Words and phrases in Moroccan Arabic

Brown: Khe-he-oui

Shoe: Se-batt

Brown Shoe Se-batt Khe-he-oui

Brown shoe in Moroccan

More words and phrases added daily!

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