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There are two types of taxis in Morocco: Petit Taxi and Grand Taxi. In every city, the taxis are distinguished by colors that tie them to that city. They are easy to find that way. Just look for the cars that all look the same. For example, in Mohammedia the petit taxis are pistachio ice cream green, and grand taxis are Tiffany blue, and in Rabat they are blue and white respectively. The taxis are also distinguished by a few other “rules” that are good to know as well.


Morocco Casablanca Small Taxi 

Petit taxis are the small Fiat type cars and are only allowed to take 3 passengers at once. If there is only one rider in the vehicle, they will sometimes pick up to two more if they are going in the same direction as the original rider. They use meters so that riders can not be cheated on the price of the ride, and the rates are the same in all cities. Their rates also go up to time and a half after 8PM.Petit taxis cannot travel outside the city limits. They don’t have taxi stands for petit taxis, so you’ll need to wait on the curb and call one by waving your hand or pointing your finger in the direction you want to head. However, many of them gather around train and bus stations, so they are easier to find when you are traveling to another city.

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The grand taxis are shared ride taxis in old Mercedes sedans. They take up to six passengers (and sometimes more) unless you negotiate a price for a solo ride with the driver. Otherwise, prepare to move over and possibly have a door handle stuck in your liver. The good thing about the grand taxi is it’s a fixed price within the city for a normal taxi ride of 4 DH. They are not metered, and you can ask them to take you somewhere specific (for example to another part of the city) but that means the drivers can set the price. You can, of course, negotiate and you also risk being cheated which can be avoided by checking with the hotel customer service desk. We got a taxi in Tangier where the taxi driver charged us 150 DH, and the return driver only charged us 100 DH. Some of the grand taxis have particular routes, so you won’t be able to get in one to get to the exact location you want to go. The grand taxis have taxi stands in different cities where they line up by the location they are headed. Most of the time you will find a line of people waiting to get into taxis. These lines move quickly, and you’ll appreciate the organization in a country as chaotic as Morocco usually is. Grand taxis can also travel between cities and will take care of any tolls along the way. Unfortunately, in some cities like Rabat, Casablanca, and El Jadida, they don’t wait near the train stations so they are harder to find if you are traveling in a group.



The taxis have signs on their roofs and a seal painted on the front passenger doors so don’t get in one if it doesn’t have these features. Don’t forget, the petit taxis should have a meter as well. Be careful of getting in a car that’s not a taxi, even if it is the same color as that cities taxi.

In both taxis, most of the window handles are missing, but you can ask the driver for one if you want to roll down the window!

Also if you are traveling between two cities, you could arrange in advance a pickup from your hotel or your guest house, as long as all the group of travelers can be picked up in one spot.


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