Moroccan Dirham: DH

Morocco Currency: Dirham (DH)

The currency of Morocco is the dirham. I like to put the cost of things in dirham, since that’s the money we use, and only sometimes give the USD equivalent. A friend sent an email asking about the exchange rate, and I thought it might be helpful to give you a dirham to dollar conversion guide. Because of the nature of the currency market fluctuation, exchange rate can go as low as 7 DH to 1 USD all the way up to 9 DH to 1 USD. Given the daily fluctuations, I usually average it out to about 8 DH and multiply or divide everything by that to estimate the dollar equivalent. If it falls between 7.30-7.60 I go by that, and so on.

Morocco Dirham Bills

For example, a shawarma sandwich for 15 DH divided by eight is less than 2, so I’ll estimate the sandwich costs about or a little less than $2 USD. I’ve memorized the following exchanges for Moroccan currency denominations, so I don’t have to disturb my brain with too much math, and I have an easy reference point. That way I can say (in my head of course), would I pay $15 for this or wow, that corn on the cob is only 25 cents!

1/2 DH = 5 cents

1 DH = 10 cents

2 DH = 20-25 cents

5 DH = 50 cents

10 DH = $1 + change

20 DH = $ 2.50-3.00

50 DH = $6.00-7.50

100 DH = $12-15.00

200 DH = $25-28

(I usually say about $30, though that’s much higher than it actually is!).

The amounts above are also the denominations of the currency, and the only paper bills are 20, 50, 100 and 200. The rest is in coins, and coins below 1 DH are called centimes. There is such a thing as 1/2 a DH (also noted at 50 on some of the coins), as well as 10 and 20 centime coins. Although there are a lot of coins, the money is relatively easy to figure out. I advise a nice coin purse though, because the coins are heavy and multiply quickly!  

Morocco Bank ATM

Please note that we are talking about Currency, so the conversion above is subject to $ market fluctuation.

Moroccan Dirham (MAD) conversion rate






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