Morocco factsheet

Morocco Factsheet and Data

Country Name: Kingdom of Morocco

King: Mohammed VI

Population: 2011 Estimate - 32.6 Millions. (List of Moroccan Cities by Population)

2004 census: 29,680,069

Currency: Moroccan Dirham, DH (MAD).

Morocco Country Code: 212

Location: North Africa

Official Language: Arabic,  Tamazight (Berber),  The reformed constitution which went to a referendum on July 1st, 2011 recognised Tamazight as an official language of Morocco.

Languages: Arabic, Tamazight (Berber), and French

Government Type: Constitutional monarchy

Capital: Rabat

Voltage: 110/220V

Area: 710,850 / 274,460 sq mi 

Internet TLD: .ma

Largest Moroccan City: Casablanca

Morocco Independence: March 2, 1956 from France

April 7, 1956 from Spain

Fun and Interesting Facts about Morocco

  • Morocco was one of the first countries to recognize The United States of America’s independence, in 1777.
  • The largest concentration of Moroccan people outside Morocco is in France.
  • Morocco has been inhabited by Berbers for at least the last 5000 years.
  • The most popular drink in Morocco is Moroccan green tea with mint.
  • The most popular dish is Moroccan Couscous with vegetables and meat.
  • The university of Al-Karaouine in Fes, founded in 859 AD, is considered by the Guinness book to be the oldest university in the world.
  • The movie "Casablanca" was not filmed in Casablanca. Not even one scene.
  • There are two Spanish cities inside of Morocco  on the Mediterranean coast, Ceuta and Melilla.
  • Morocco is the largest importer of green tea worldwide (from China).
  • The King's wife's title is Princess not Queen.
  • In the old times, it was unlawful to sell a date tree, as it was a source of food for the whole family.
  • Argan trees, a source of argan oil used in cosmetics and for consumption as well, only grow in Essaouira region of Morocco and some part of southern Morocco. There have been attempts to plant them in other countries with no success making Argan a unique Moroccan product. 
  • Estéban de Dorantes born in Azemmour, Morocco around the year 1503 was a Moorish slave and the first African to set foot in America. 
  • "Sex and the city" sequel was filmed in Morocco after the United Arab Emirates backed out as the original pick. 
  • Morocco welcomed the gay British singer Elton John at Mawazine festival in Rabat in 2010 even with protests by some religious groups.
  • UNESCO has selected 10,000 square-mile of Argan growing region as a biosphere reserve.
  • 15 to 29 years old account for 29% of population in Morocco.
  • Morocco has no oil or gas ot its own, and it is among the world's top wheat importers.
  • Morocco's Brahim Takioullah has the largest feet of the world according to the Guinness Book of records.
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