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French is widely spoken in Morocco, so Morocco visitors who speak French will have no problem ordering food, asking for directions, and interacting with Moroccan people in most major cities and towns, but if you are planning to venture to rural small towns and villages, you should consider learning some Moroccan key phrases and common used words. Moroccan Arabic (Darija) differs from standard Arabic in phonology, lexicon and syntax. Darija has been influenced by other languages spoken in Morocco French, Spanish and Berber (Amazigh) language.

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Moroccan Language Guide

Morocco language Darija Basic Phrases

Hello: Labass / Salam   

Hotel: Hotel   

House: Dar   

How are you? Kayfa Halouk   

How much? Beshehale   

How old are you? Shehale Fe Omerek   

I am American: Ana Mericani   

I am sick: Ana Meridd   

I am tired: Yeane   

Is the location far? Wash lblassa beaida   

Lunch: Ghda   

Market: Souk      

Money: Flooss   

My Name is Sam: Esemi Sam   

Please: Min Fadlek   

Tea: Atay   

Thank you: Shoukran   

Tomorrow: Gheda   

Water: Lmaa   

What is your name? Ashnou Esemouk   

What time is it? Shehale Fe Saea   

Where is the police station? Fenn station dial police   

Where is the train station? Fen a Howa Tran  



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