Morocco Holidays

Public Holidays in Morocco

Moroccan holidays belong to two categories either religious or national holidays. Most of businesses are closed or operate under holidays schedule.

Religious holidays

Religious holidays are usually observed in Morocco for two working days, the day of holiday and the day after. 
Holidays are based on the lunar calendar, so their dates vary from year to year. 
The following Religious holidays are observed in Morocco.
  • First of Moharram: The first day of the hegira, the Muslim year 
  • Eid El Mawlid: The birth of the prophet Mohamed (PBUH)
  • Eid El Fitr: The end of Ramadan 
  • Eid El Adha: The commemoration of the “sacrifice” of Isaac by Abraham

Morocco National holidays

National holidays are usually observed in Morocco for one day.

  • January 1: New Year 
  • January 11: Independence Manifesto 
  • July 30: Throne Day 
  • August 14: Commemoration of Oued Eddahab 
  • August 21: Youth Day (King Mohammed VI Birthday) 
  • August 20: Revolution of the King and the People 
  • November 6: Commemoration of the Green March 
  • November 18: Independence Day 
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