Tan-Tan Festival "Mousem"

Tan-Tan Festival

Tan-Tan festival,  "Moussem" in Arabic, is Organized September of each year, the festival was started initially in 1963, this historic annual Moussem of Tan-Tan draws thousands of sahraoui tribal members from all over Morocco and Africa, the museum provides opportunities for Sahara tribes to trade, marry, socialize, engage in inter-tribal competitions, to celebrate weddings, and to engage in rich cultural rituals.

The festival postponed between 1979 and 2003 due to political unrest in the region, and it was restarted in 2004 under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Kitin Munoz Valcarcel. Their combined vision has revived the festival into an international economic, cultural, and social event to help promote peace and goodwill between nations. Delegates from the United States, Korea, Spain, Saudi Arabia, France and Canada were invited by the king to experience Morocco’s rich culture.

Several events are planed throughout the event period.  Fantasia and Poetry contests, Sahrawi and Berber tribes dance to their tribal beat; well known Moroccan artists are invited to perform as well. In addition, the museum is also used to organize camel and horse breeding competitions, to celebrate weddings and to consult herbalists.

The Sahrawi tribes, who are interested in passing their tradition and culture to their kids, are concerned to protect their way of life, their craftsman and traditions, hope that the festival of Tan-Tan will help them preserve desert culture.


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Sahrawi tribe music

Sahrawi tribe music

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