Tan-Tan Guide

Tan-Tan Travel Guide

Tan-Tan is a small modern city in southern Morocco with a population of (60,560), it is known as a commerce hub and gateway to Moroccan Sahara.

The drive from Mirleft to Tan-Tan takes about 5 hours and half on a two-lane highway that runs through Guelmime, a small town known for its camel market, and a surrounding mountains and desert.

The ride offers spectacular High Atlas mountains views of remote Berber Kasbahs, villages, goats, camels, sahraoui people, and palm trees. As you leave Guelmime with the mountains start disappearing the background the landscape start becoming very desert like.  You will know that you are approaching Tan-Tan when sand dunes start appearing in the horizon. Upon arriving to Tan-tan by road will be welcomed with two huge dromedary camel statues with a Moroccan flag next to each of them, camels are painted on white at the entrance of the city.

Tan-Tan is a modern small town known as a commerce hub and gateway to Moroccan Sahara. Tan-Tan was a starting point for Moroccan Green March “La Marche Verte” in November 1975, Green March was a peaceful Moroccan mass demonstration where most Moroccans from all over Morocco participated, and it was coordinated by the Moroccan government to force Spain to leave the disputed Sahara under Spanish occupancy.

Things to do around Tan-Tan

Visit The nearby port of Tan-Tan and Tan-Tan beach located about 25 Km away from the city of Tan-Tan. The beach is known to attract the city residents and visitors.

  • Enjoy some local food the likes of grounded camel meat, or grilled camel meat.
  • Visit Sand dunes.
  • Shop at the local market.

How to get to Tan-Tan

There are Grand taxis between Tiznit, Guelmime and Tan-Tan, daily buses are also available from Inzegane (Agadir), Tiznit and Sidi Ifni to Tan-Tan.

Tan-Tan Facts

Venus of Tan-Tan was found in a river terrace deposit on the north bank of the Draa River. The Tan-Tan object was discovered in 1999, during a dig directed by Lutz Fiedler, the state archaeologist of Hesse in Germany.  Dated between 200,000 and 500,000 BCE, it is considered one of the oldest human-form sculptures in the world, although its formation may actually be natural. 

Tan-Tan Camel Statues

Tan Tan camel statues

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