Tiznit Travel Guide


Tiznit or Tiznet is a small city in the southern part of Morocco founded by Sultan Hassan I in 1881, Tiznit is located between the Atlantic coast and the Atlas Mountains about 56 miles/ 90Km from Agadir. It has a population of approximately 55,000. Tiznit is well-known for its silver jewelry trade and traditional Berber daggers.
Place EL Mechouar hosts the remains of the palace El Khalifa Sultan Hassan I. a few blocks from the palace, local Berber jewelry can be bought at the Jewelery market.  Hotels, restaurants, and local hand made artifacts shops are all within walking distance.  The walls surrounding Tiznit are 4.5miles (7Km) long and about 8 meters high, 5 gates (Bab Aglou, Bab el Khemis, , Bab el Maader,Bab Targa, and Bab Oulad Jerrar). Bab means Door in Arabic. 
Tiznit hosts an annual festival to celebrate its silver jewelry know-how, Berber craftsman, and to attract visitors to explore this old quant town, and discover its fine silver jewelry. 
There is a market day every Thursday. 
Tiznit city wall and Gate

Around Tiznit

The Souss Massa national Park and its bird sanctuary is located 25 miles (41km) north of Tiznit and 32 miles (51km) south of Agadir. A great place to see Falmingos and  the bald ibis, a migratory bird found in barren, semi-desert or rocky habitats, Morocco southern regions have half of the world’s bald ibis). 
Aglou Beach is located 10.5miles (17Km) Northwest of Tiznit, well suited for surfing, and known for its quietness.
Mirleft is located 28 miles (45Km) from Tiznit, and it is a popular destination for surfers and beach lovers recently discovered by European tourists.  
Picture of a  flamingo at Souss Massa Park
massa national park flamingo


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